Sexual Abuse and Molestation (SAM)

Making Right Choices (MRC) is our effective solutions partner to prevent employee sexual abuse and molestation claims. MRC appreciates the enormous challenges our districts confront likely with regards to educator/student misconduct daily. We recognize that there is an urgent need for resources to help prevent and mitigate the liability of Sexual Abuse and Molestation (SAM) claims.

Making Right Choices (MRC) specializes in providing solutions to this ever-growing crisis. MRC has more than a decade of experience assisting Joint Power Authorities/School Risk Insurance Cooperatives and School Districts nationally. Over that time, we have developed and deployed online and in-person employee prevention training, administrative response systems to manage allegations, and investigative strategies to protect students and employees. We work on a comprehensive consultative basis to ensure that all school employees are best prepared to avoid, recognize and help prevent misconduct with students.

Evidenced-based Leader in SAM Prevention

Our programs are vetted through teacher associations, administrators, school lawyers, victim rights groups, insurance brokers and companies, and law enforcement. This online and in-person training is supported by published evidence of its effectiveness based on extensive data analysis of more than 13,000 employees. Please see the chart below that was published on The Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, “Preventing School Employee Sexual Misconduct: An Outcome Survey Analysis of Making Right Choices”.
“More than 85% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that the training increased their knowledge and awareness of SAM risk factors.”

Court Room Tested

In a recent civil trial, the jury responded positively to the MRC training and affirmed the school district’s proactive prevention efforts. This led to the jury’s finding that the offender was primarily responsible for the behavior, not the institution. The plaintiff’s demand of $16 million was rejected. The result was a verdict where almost no costs were recovered by the plaintiff.

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