We believe that wellness is a necessary component to employees living healthy, productive, active and happy lifestyles. After an extensive market search, CSEBA is pleased to align its wellness goals and initiatives with Go365™. Employees will be able to take advantage of this robust wellness program tailored specifically to meet their individual wellness goals.

Go365™ is a wellness and rewards program that inspires you to live a healthier life for yourself and your family. It is designed to help you achieve reachable goals that fit your individual health and lifestyle needs and at Go365™ we believe you should be rewarded for making healthy choices. When you make a healthy decision, feeling good is usually your only reward. With Go365™, healthy decisions are rewarded with things like movie tickets, gift cards, hotel stays, trips, and more.

With Go365™, achieving your health goals is easy because you can:

• Tailor it to fit your unique lifestyle and health status

• Receive customized health goals, personalized tips, and support

• Track your results and progress

• Earn points – redeemable for fitness equipment, movie tickets, gift cards, and more

Go365™ is an online health and wellness program designed to give you the tools and support you need to get a fully detailed understanding of your current well-being and give you ways to improve your total health.

Ready, Set, Go, Earn.

• Ready – Get started by taking a short online Health Assessment that focuses on your daily routines. Once completed, you’ll know your Go365™ Age, which tells you if your body is living younger or older than your actual age based on your lifestyle and habits.

The Health Assessment must be completed in order for you to begin redeeming rewards from the Go365™ Mall.

• Set – Plan a personal Pathway. Go365™ develops an individualized program for each member called a Personal Pathway. Specific Goals and related activities are recommended to help you address your own health risks to achieve better health.

• Go – A choice of health-related activities for achieving goals. The Go365™ experience is unlike other wellness and rewards programs because it allows you to reach your goals and earn rewards in areas other than just fitness. The program focuses on four categories: (1) Education, (2) Prevention, (3) health Living and (4) Fitness and Exercise.

• Earn – Earn rewards. Besides the benefit of improving your health and well-being, you are able to earn things you really want. Go365™ is an exciting and engaging rewards program and earning rewards is simple. First, health activities earn points. Then for all points, you getGo365™ Bucks, which you can spend at the Go365™ Mall for great merchandise and discounts. Accruing points also raises your status level which makes you eligible for even bigger discounts and greater rewards.

Starting today, make a change. Eat an apple instead of a pretzel, take your bike to the store instead of the car, and get that health checkup you’ve been meaning to.

Starting today, you can take the first step toward living a healthier life – and get rewarded in the process.