Risk Control

For our members that need additional assistance outside of Loss Control Services, CSRM offers onsite experienced risk professionals at a fractional cost of contracting direct. This program will afford all participating member districts a broad range of talent through an on-site risk control professional. For a minimal outlay, the return on investment is substantial.

Utilize RCA to manage risks associated with schools and community college districts that fall outside of traditional loss control services where a higher level of expertise is necessary. Overhaul your current risk management processes and programs.

Let our Risk Managers work onsite to identify solutions unique to your individual needs. Together with our standard Loss Control services, our risk management team works collaboratively to manage and improve risk practices while giving you greater control over your risk management program.

For more information about this JPA contracted service, please call our Loss Control Services at (909) 763-4900 for more information and to learn how your district can benefit from this additional level of service.