Property and Liability

CSRM risk management from California Schools JPA provides broad and comprehensive property & liability coverage that includes loss control services at competitive pricing by combining self-insurance, commercial insurance and reinsurance to cover school districts and community college districts exposures. Broad and comprehensive coverage means that our insurance program is designed to provide “peace of mind” coverage. We have a trained team armed to identify exposures and work with the district to address issues that could turn into losses. These services to our Members are intended to assure them that when a loss occurs, our claims team is with them to protect school dollars and provide defense and indemnification for third party claims for damages.

Customized member insurance programs are developed with program limits suited to our members’ current needs, ensure deductibles are matched to each districts’ loss history.

Our Property Program includes:

  • Physical Assets (buildings, contents, etc.)  
  • Auto Physical Damage  
  • Builders All Risk 
  • Boiler and Machinery  
  • Electronic Data Processing (EDP) 
  • Errors and Omissions  
  • Flood 

Our Liability Program includes:

  • General Liability  
  • Auto Liability 
  • Cyber Liability and Response 
  • Deadly Weapons  
  • Discrimination  
  • Employment Practice Liability  
  • Libel/Slander/Defamation 
  • Sexual Abuse and Molestation (SAM) 
  • Injunctive Relief  
  • Title IX

CSRM risk management provides our member districts with a value-driven, cost-effective, and proven safety and loss control program by providing members with the necessary support and tools to reduce property and liability claims before a loss ever occurs.

Our loss control services are designed around three areas: Empowerment, Support, and Consultation. Empowerment: we offer trainings, “train the trainer” workshops, and sessions to empower our members to create a culture of safety at their districts. Support: we work together with our members to create risk management action plans and emergency action plans that help districts meet their unique needs through ongoing loss control, claims mitigation, environmental, and other regulatory and compliance necessities. Consultation: to prevent claims or mitigate them once an incident occurs, our staff is available to our members whenever they need us, we also provide free consultation with an HR helpline, workers’ compensation helpline, and our attorneys to mitigate any potential losses and help our districts take appropriate actions.

CSRM Risk Management Teams

Our Loss Control Team is comprised of ARM certified Risk Managers (field consultants) trained to identify the root causes of member loss exposure, recommend appropriate mitigation strategies, create customized solutions, and provide employee training to help to reduce future losses.

Our Claims Management Team ensures efficient and effective claims handling and litigation while protecting the interest and reputation of our members. By fostering a collaborative cost-effective claims partnership among members, defense counsel, TPA adjusters, and our claims management team, claims are managed professionally and proactively from start to finish for the best possible claim resolution.