Past Editions of Safety Matters

Summer Break: Deep Cleaning Safety Tips

4Mind4Body: Exercise

Health & Wellness in the Workplace

How Does the Body Cool Down When it’s Too Hot? 

What are Heat Related Illnesses

Preventing those Nagging

What’s in Your First Aid Kit

Field Trip Chaperones

Safe Chemical Handling

Field Trip Safety Planning

Accidents Learn from Near Misses

Accidents Avoid Shortcuts

Adjusting Your Chair

Computer Ergonomics

Safe Use of Mobile Devices

What’s Your Safety Personality Type

Safety Culture for Supervisors

Safety Culture

Slip-Resistant Footwear

Prevent Slips & Falls

Wet Floor

Winter Driving

Predators Use Social Media

Social Media Guidelines for Faculty & Staff

Online Security

Safety Guidelines for Holiday Decorations

Holiday Stress

Winter Preparation

Stay Safe Halloween Tips

How Districts Can Plan, Prepare, & Share

OSHA Requirements for First Aid Kits

Workplace Bullying

National Bullying Month

Slips Trips and Falls

Preventing Common Workplace Injuries

Cal OSHA Reporting

Chairs and Ladders Safety Matters

Back to School – Classroom Safety Checklist

Summer Deep Cleaning Floor Safety

Sun Safety Guidelines

Personal Protective Equipment

Ladder Safety Tips

Simple Tips for Healthy Eyes

OSHA Heat Safety Tool

Heat Exhaustion vs Heat Stroke

Heat Illness Prevention (Continued)

Heat Illness Prevention

Lab Safety Communication Tips

School Laboratory Safety

Protecting Students Staff with Green Cleaning

Managing Chemicals

Eye Protection Safety

Field Trip Risk Assessments

Field Trip Safety Planning Checklist

Planning a Safe, Fun, & Educational Field Trip

Transporting Special Needs Students

Minimizing Bus Driver Distractions

The Paul Lee School of Bus Safety Law

Slippery When Wet

Seasonal Tips to Maintain School Facilities

Indoor Air Quality Month

Indoor Air Quality FAQ’s

Safety New Year!

Cold Weather Safety

Holiday Safety Tips

Preparing for a Deep Freeze

Wet Weather Slips and Falls

Online Security

Social Media Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

Predators Use Social Media

Cyber Safety Guide

No Clowning Around this Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips

Stand Up for Others Week

Strengths Based Schedule

Let’s Talk About Bullying

National Day of Service

Preparing through Service

Download the FEMA App

Emergency Planning

All About That Chair

You’ve Got Your Back

Cal OSHA Reporting

Back to School – Classroom Safety

Hands Only CPR Fact Sheet

Safety Training for Coaches

Facility Safety Inspection

Maintaining Schools Grounds & Facilities

Transitioning to Safer Chemicals

Preventing Injuries in Food Handling

Electrical Safety Awareness

Safe Jobs for Youth Month

Heat Illness Protection 101

Hazard Communication Standard-Safety Data Sheets

Dumpster Safety – The Dirty Little Secrets

Employer Liability & the Case of Comprehensive Cell Phone Policies

Distracted Driving Awareness

The Poison Peril

Eye Protection Safety

Field Trips Chaperon Guidelines

How to Have a Safe, Fun, & Educational Field Trip

Utility Cart Safety Guidelines

Scissor Lifts Hazard Alert

Powered Industrial Trucks Forklifts Part 2

Powered Industrial Trucks Forklifts

OSHA Log 300A

Delivering Effective Training to all Employees

Using Safe Tools and Equipment

CAL OSHA Employer Obligations

Spreading the Safety Message

Protecting Yourself from Cold Stress

Cold Weather Safety Tips

Practice 4 Seconds of Safety This Holiday Season

Slippery When Wet

Technology and Youth Violence in an Electronic Era

Classroom Decorations Safety Tips

Working Safely in Inclement Weather

Safer Playgrounds, Safer Students

CSRM Halloween Safety Tips

Know Your Concussion ABC’s

Ergonomic Wellness

Distracted Driving The Staggering Statistics

Cyber-bullying Behind the Screens of a Growing Trend

Bloodborne Pathogens

Ethics in Education

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Hearing Protection

Preventing Injuries in Food Handling

Fall Protection

Back To School Checklist

Fire Extinguishers

Ergonomic Tips for Breaks & Stretches

Electric Equipment Safety

Earthquake Safety – Plan & Be Prepared

Preventing Common Workplace Injuries