Interpersonal Relationships, Social Media, FOMO and Mental Health

SOCIAL MEDIA AND FEAR OF MISSING OUT (FOMO) FOMO is strongly linked to mental health issues including negative emotions. The need for inclusion and social status is extremely important. The envy of other people or wondering how different your life could be if you had made some different choices is common and can be found … Read More

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Support Your Mental Health: Addressing Body image and Mental Health

With summer and sunny days just around the corner, body image issues and eating disorders often become worse. The obvious reasons of more revealing clothing, airbrushed models in advertisements, diets and workout plans populating your television, magazines, and social media can trigger even the most mentally healthy among us into negative or self-deprecating thoughts. However, … Read More

Benefits Update – May 2019

California is currently experiencing a measles outbreak Kaiser Permanente and Blue Shield of California want you to stay informed on the current measles outbreak so we have attached FAQ sheets and links to updated information from Kaiser, and BlueShield. Measles FAQ from Kaiser Permanente Measles outbreak: What you need to know from Blue Shield of … Read More

Mental Health Month

Defining Positive Mental Health May is National Mental Health Month and we all know that mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being. This month we want to focus on positive mental health. When we describe positive mental health, we are talking about more than the absence of a mental health condition; in … Read More