National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week - Teachers Deliver

May 8 – 12 was PTA’s National Teacher Appreciation Week with this year’s theme of “Teachers Deliver”. Our teachers deliver so much more than instruction in a subject. Teachers shape behaviors, provide motivation and support to struggling children and instill a passion for learning into young minds. In other words, they are creating and shaping our future!

We at the JPA see the long hours you put in and the sacrifices you make for your kids. And, yes, we hear you calling your classrooms full of students, “your kids”, and we know how proud you are when you see them succeed. We see you advocating for students, caring for them, encouraging them, and creating space for them to be themselves all while teaching them the curriculum too. CSJPA wants to thank you and all our teachers for the incredible work you do for all our students–all of our kids. We are so proud to stand by you on this Teacher Appreciation week, and every week. Thank you for inspiring our students and shaping our future.