Message From the CEO


California Schools JPA is pleased to start another year with you. With fiscal year 2018-2019 fully underway, we thought it would be a great time to update you on the exciting activities that have been occurring since many of us spoke. This year you will see our fresh streamlined look, due in part to your participation in a recent communication audit. Instead of spelling out each letter in our acronym, we are using just CSRM for risk management, and CSEBA for our sister JPA that provides employee benefits. We recognize that we are both CSRM and CSEBA housed under one look, so you will begin to see more California Schools JPA as our identifier for joint ventures.

Next, it is probably a good time to reacquaint you with our CSRM team. A few names will be familiar while others are new to the JPA family. CSRM has two fully supported units: Safety and Loss Control that works with you as our member in preventing any and all types of loss from occurring while the other, Claims Services, will stand alongside you in the event a claim occurs, and tackle it once it has been reported.

The Safety and Loss Control unit is led by Dan Mellon, interim, and is equipped with four experienced risk managers: Val Dixon, ARM; Maria Gonzales, and Julie Leggin with in-house risk management support and back up by Alex Barr, ARM. The Claims Services unit is led by Daniel Rodriguez, a familiar face to the JPA. He leads claims professionals Ed Lee, ARM, Sr. Claims Manager; Rosalyn Beulah and Terri Douglas, Workers’ Comp Managers; and Lucia Garcia, in-house support on all claims.

Admin also has had some moving around, although their names and faces are already known. These changes include Jazmine Martinez who is now part of the Admin team and responsible for all training activities, including in-house, facilitated, online, or site-specific of the JPA. Melissa Hernandez, Administrative Services Manager, oversees all special events, Annual Meetings, Strategic Planning Sessions, Student Resiliency Fundraising, design, and communication. Her team includes Teresa Saenz, JPA Secretary, Leana Hardgrave, Marketing Specialist, and Cesar Contreras, Multimedia Designer.

The Finance team has been extremely busy with closing out year-end and preparing for audits of our CSEBA and CSRM risk sharing pools. Last fiscal year, Finance took lead on bringing medical plan billing in-house along with initiating a new benefits enrollment platform. This year, Finance chief guru Javier Gonzales, Financial Officer, and his team, Yolanda Comer, Finance Manager, and Kandy Delgado, Insurance Finance Specialist, worked feverishly to set up an accounting structure and processes to handle our new self-funded workers’ compensation program.

We want our JPA website to be the best place to go for all of your needs, so watch for continued updates, improvements on our calendar, programs, services, training, Clearinghouse, and of course, our CSRM Resource Guide. Be sure to mark your calendars now for our big upcoming events that include our 13th Annual Student Resiliency Golf Tournament on October 21, 2019, and the CSRM Annual Members Forum, Orientation for New and Returning Board members, and Board Meeting that will be held on October 22 & 23, 2019.

On behalf of myself, Daniel, Melissa, Javier and Ellen from CSEBA, the Leadership Team thanks you for your continued participation, engagement, and trust. We are looking forward to another year of collaboration with all of our schools, ROPs and community college districts to meet your needs with excellent service, robust coverage and working together to keep our kids and our staff safe.

Karla M. Rhay, Ed. D.

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