Loss Control

Our General Liability Program includes Employment Practice Civil Lawsuits, and we have an extended sublimit for Injunctive Relief and Title IX matters. Because of the long-term relationships with brokers, insurers and third party administrators, we are able to seek creative solutions to address the range of problems that come from handling liability claims.

We believe at CSRM that it is better to empower our members to be in control of their Liability claims. JPA staff will personally assist member districts in matching counsel to the specific case so that you have choice in who is representing your interest.

Being member driven also means that we listen by developing program limits suited to current needs, deductibles matched for your loss history, and even help you with reportable losses. Why pay deductibles that don’t benefit a cost saving when you can save by funding at an affordable deductible that enables you to control your rates. Who knows this better than the district – let CSRM assist you in identifying the appropriate funding level for your needs. Through participation in our pool, we work with you in controlling reportable claims so that your loss run clearly defines the districts losses. Bring your nuisance value claims to us and let us work with you on resolving them outside of litigation and at the same time, learn from us so that you can reduce future liabilities.

Safety Credits are available for districts to preselect the amount they wish to fund for future risk management and safety expenses. Allow the JPA Financial Officer to develop a recommendation based on your past claims and future needs.