Long Term Care

Long Term Care through MedAmerica Supported by AGIS Network

As an employer, you know the importance of providing your employees with a solid benefit package. In today’s competitive marketplace, employers are faced with the challenge of offering quality Long-term care insurance benefit programs for employees, as well as holding the line on costs.

With the LTCi Benefits for Employer Groups Program featuring FlexCare, you can meet these goals and provide a benefit that will help recruit and retain talented employees and maintain a high level of productivity. This program will help you meet your objectives by giving you the flexibility to provide LTCi to your employees through a voluntary program, employer pay-all, or an executive carve-out. The choice is yours.

The dollar value of productivity lost to caregiving needs is clearly a problem. Businesses are confronted with the need to conserve resources and cut costs while, at the same time, responding to employees’ growing needs. AGIS Network’s Caregiving Resources in combination with MedAmerica’s FlexCare product address both the financial issues of long-term care as well as the caregiving challenges that impact our aging workforce.

Long-term care insurance can relieve an employee of significant financial and personal responsibilities when an insured family member requires long term care services. This allows the employee to continue his or her job duties, improving productivity, and cutting costs to the employer.

To the Employer:

❯ By adding value to your benefit package, this program can increase employee loyalty and assist in recruiting and retaining talented employees.

❯ Because certain family members are eligible, this program can assist the employee in maintaining his or her job performance during a time when the employee is involved with the long term care needs of an insured family member.

❯ Helps cut costs by improving your workforce productivity.

❯ Benefits received are tax-free.


To Your Employees:

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