Giving members the opportunity to provide health care choices to all employees

another reason why WE ARE the JPA With Heart

Choice is important to the five generations working in our districts, and the CSEBA Marketplace meets employees where they are.

The CSEBA Marketplace allows public schools, ROPs, and community college districts with defined contribution plans the ability to offer their employees freedom of choice in selecting quality, affordable healthcare from a source that is known, trusted and built for and by schools.

The plans are designed with consumers in mind that are affordable and meet everyone’s health, budget and lifestyle needs. The plans are modeled after Covered California by offering Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze plans. Employees can choose from the very rich Platinum plan which would have the highest premium and lowest copays compared to the Bronze plan which would be the lowest premium and the highest out of pocket costs for the employee.  

“When our school personnel have personal struggles, our employee benefits managers help them access the mental health and physical health care that they so desperately need”

– Karla Rhay, Ed.D, Chief Executive Officer, California Schools JPA