Helping school district implement extensive active shooter training to prepare to the fullest extent possible

another reason why WE ARE the JPA With Heart  

Victor Elementary School District is a powerful example of how schools are continuously working to keep their students safe from acts of unspeakable violence. The district worked with risk managers from California Schools JPA to develop extensive training to prepare (to the fullest extent possible) every school and district site for active shooters or other threats.

The specialized training took place over many months and focused on constant improvement to the efforts to prevent to loss of life at elementary schools in the event of an active shooter. Every Friday morning, an active shooter drill took place at a different school site and included a full campus lock down. In the afternoon, each of these was followed by in-depth discussions and de-briefings to determine where staff felt vulnerable and what adjustments could be made right away.

“No one should ever underestimate the power of children’s and teachers’ thinking.”

Val Dixon, ARM-P, Safety & Loss Control Manager (on creating safety programs for California Schools JPA)