Risk management – CSRM

All the coverage and support you need. One cost. We are public schools working together to make an even stronger, more affordable insurance product where we all can benefit. 100% included.

Our service, programs, and price will exceed your expectations both in scope and coverage because combined it results in stable rates, better cost containment, and no hidden fees, rebates or commissions. We leverage our collective purchasing clout on behalf of our members and extended relationships by ensuring each district’s needs are met within the collective group. We regard this relationship as paramount and guarantee the highest level of service at all times.

CSRM places an emphasis on identifying risk and implementing loss control to address the loss before it happens. Our hands-on approach to risk management and loss prevention is the hallmark of our service with our strength resting in our programs and outstanding resources designed to address four key areas: 1) training management; 2) compliance management; 3) communication management and 4) risk management.

Our mission at CSRM is to promote student achievement by optimizing the financial and human resources of our member districts through providing high quality risk financing and loss reduction services. We do this through providing on-site risk managers that are assigned to each individual district so if a problem occurs, you know exactly who to call; and you can know exactly who will stand by your side. We provide The Learning Institute trainings to keep all districts up to date on all current and upcoming issues as well as equip them with the tools to prevent most of those problems.