In addition to CSEBA’s medical, dental, vision, life, hearing, employee assistance, and advocacy programs, your district can also offer a variety of voluntary benefits now available through the California Schools Employee Benefits Association, including: 


Prudential Critical Illness 

Designed to protect you and your family from the additional expenses associated with a serious illness or condition, Prudential Critical Illness pays lump-sum cash payments for a list of conditions and offers the 

opportunity to still be covered if you have been previously diagnosed. 

Key Benefits: 

• Guaranteed Issue 

• No Pre-existing condition limitations 

• Two simple plan designs: $15,000 lump sum benefit or $30,000 lump sum benefit 

• No health questions 

• Family coverage available 

Plus, access Prudential’s Financial Wellness Online 

Portal is available at no additional cost. This online portal helps employees gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of financial well-being through a combination of interactive educational tools, educational material, financial wellness seminars and other assistance. Rates vary based on plan, employee age and coverage level. 

Kashable Loan Assistance 

Kashable is a financial wellness benefit that provides employees with a better way to tackle costly debt and unexpected expenses. By working with employers, Kashable can offer low-cost loans to employees across the credit spectrum, giving them an intelligent alternative to 401(k) loans, credit cards and pay advances. Kashable only lends what employees can afford to borrow, with loans that are repaid automatically through payroll. The program provides loan amounts between $250 to $20,000 with interest rates starting as low as 6 percent APR. Rates vary based on loan amount and terms. 

Gradvisor College Savings Support 

Gradvisor is a digital platform that provides personalized advice so employees can open and track the best college savings plan for their needs. By acting as a fiduciary and offering plans from every state, employers can help ensure their employees receive the best advice. Rates: $6/tenthly 

BrightDime Financial Wellness Coaching 

BrightDime is a comprehensive financial wellness solution to benefit employers and employees, combining innovative technology, personalized coaching, active reinforcement of company benefits offerings, and tailored education. With a mission to educate and build skills that empower a lifelong financial wellness journey, BrightDime provides access to truly independent, concierge financial resources that have traditionally been available only to higher-income employees. 

Rates: $15.60/tenthly 

InfoArmor Identity Theft Protection 

Protect your identity with credit-monitoring, email and password monitoring, cyber-attack protection, and, in the case of ID theft, identity restoration. 

Key Benefits: 

• Fraud detection at the point of new account application or creation vs. a new account approval 

• Tri-bureau credit monitoring with proactive alerts 

• Threshold monitoring for checking, savings and credit card accounts 

Rates: • Employee Only for $11.94/tenthly 

• Employee + Family for $21.54/tenthly 

Nationwide Pet Insurance 

Plan for your pet’s health care, and offset costs for routine care and unexpected illness or injury with simple 90 percent reimbursement on your vet bills and a $7,500 maximum annual benefit. 

Choose from two levels of coverage: 

• Accident and illness coverage 

• Accident and illness plus Wellness/preventative care coverage 

Rates vary based on animal breed, age, location, etc. 

ARAG Legal Insurance 

Gain access to more than 13,000 attorneys nationwide for coverage from a wide variety of legal events at no additional cost. Choose an in-network attorney that best fits you, and ARAG will cover both plaintiff and defendant matters, including: 

• Wills & estate planning 

• Property transfers 

• Personal bankruptcy 

• Consumer protection 

• Property protection 

• Family matters 


• Ultimate Advisor: Legal coverage, for $20.40/tenthly 

• Ultimate Advisor Plus: Legal coverage plus Identity Theft Protection, for $27.90/tenthly