CSEBA is among the top five largest school joint powers authorities (JPA) in California. The JPA has a rich thirty year history of providing medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefit programs to public schools, regional occupational programs, and community colleges.  CSEBA is accredited with Excellence by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA).CSEBA is a member-driven, non-profit, and jointly managed Labor & Management JPA that was established for the purpose of providing self-funded & fully insured medical, dental, vision, group life, and any other programs of a similar nature benefiting labor and management employees of public educational agencies who are members.  CSEBA’s Board of Directors evaluates and implements ways to positively impact costs and participant’s health now and in the future.  CSEBA offers efficient, value based plan designs, minimum value plans to comply with the Affordable Care Act, Disease Management programs, Wellness Initiatives, and the CSEBA Marketplace (an Exchange like product) to its members.  CSEBA also provides a forum for discussion, study, development and implementation of recommendations of mutual interest regarding such benefits. The CSEBA Advantage, a combination of customized CSEBA Signature Products such as on-line benefits administration, Advocacy/EAP programs; and our robust incentive based wellness program, when  combined with our fully-funded and self-funded insurance plans allow us to offer programs that are specific to each bargaining unit and/or district. 



Our mission is to be the premier provider of quality, cost effective employee benefit programs, services and resources tailored to the needs of our members.



CSEBA will change the way you feel about employee health benefits.  A jointly managed, full service provider, CSEBA will address your health and wellness needs through personal connection and technological assistance. 



Committee Conscientious, creative, integrity, committed, quality

supportive-badgeSupportive – Strategic, caring, supportive, successful

established-badgeEstablished – Effective, exceptional, efficient

balance-badgeBalanced – Family, caring, trustworthy, transparent