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Making an immediate impact with the unique Rent-a-Risk Manager program another reason why WE ARE the JPA With Heart   Southern Kern Unified School District recently faced spiraling workers’ compensation costs, loss of worker productivity and concerns about potential liability. Limited external resources—along with the lack of a dedicated risk manager on staff—made these challenges … Read More


Helping school district implement extensive active shooter training to prepare to the fullest extent possible another reason why WE ARE the JPA With Heart   Victor Elementary School District is a powerful example of how schools are continuously working to keep their students safe from acts of unspeakable violence. The district worked with risk managers … Read More

California wildlife fire support resources are available to members

To help members get needed information about the wildfires affecting our communities, we’ve put together the following resources which include safety recommendations and where to find more detailed information. Please note that the below list links to PDF files and member login is required. California Wildfire Support Resources:  A list of key organizations and their websites … Read More

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

What is domestic violence and who is impacted? Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Forms of abuse include: physical, sexual, emotional, and financial.  It impacts millions of individuals across the United States, regardless of age, gender, economic status, race, religion, or education.   More than … Read More

Oct. 10 is World Mental Health Day

Oct. 10 is World Mental Health Day (GO TO OUR MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES PAGE) California Schools JPA joins in recognizing World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10 and is committed to helping its members better understand mental health and fight stigmas that prevent people who are struggling with their mental health from seeking the help they … Read More

York Risk Services Group Acquired by Sedgwick

On September 4, 2019, Sedgwick finalized their acquisition of York Risk Services Group, a longstanding partner of California Schools JPA risk management. This means you will begin to see the Sedgwick name and logo on certain communications and webpages where you have been accustomed to seeing York’s name and logo. For those members who utilize … Read More

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child abuse can cause lasting impact on the individual and even society. The costs due to new child maltreatment cases in a single year (with over 700,000 documented victims of child abuse last year) is estimated to be over $124 billion in the United States alone. As you know, all children deserve good childhoods and … Read More

Defining Depression, Suicide, and Self-Harm

Depression Stress, too little sleep, grieving, bullying, set-backs, and many other things affect your mood and cause feelings of sadness, irritability, or hopelessness. These feelings can be perfectly normal. If you experience any of the following symptoms coupled with those feelings, you should contact a mental health professional right away: sleeping too much or too … Read More