Accreditation with Excellence

cajpa-icon-main-pageWe are proud to hold the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) Accreditation with Excellence, the highest honor to be held by a JPA. CAJPA is a statewide association for insurance-based risk sharing pools that provides continuing education, legislative advocacy, and active involvement in regulatory matters on behalf of its joint powers authority members.  CAJPA is California’s leading voice for pools, risk management, and JPAs. An accreditation, particularly an Accreditation with Excellence provides confidence to our school districts, in that there has been an external set of eyes that has provided a detailed examination into our pool’s legal, contract and operational documents, risk management practices, loss control and claims program, and ensured that we are meeting statutory compliance.  Dr. Rhay currently serves as incoming Vice President of CAJPA, which will give the CSRM JPA membership even more visibility and voice.

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