2017/18 Annual Report


Dear members, partners and friends,

It is with great pride that I share with you our 2017/18 Annual Report, which highlights some of the accomplishments of the hardworking team here at California Schools JPA.

Fiscal year 2017–2018 was a year of continued growth and positive transformation. Our two organizations—each led by a members-only Board of Directors—have undergone many exciting changes all while keeping our strategic direction and spirit of community throughout the year.

In the wake of nationally publicized school shootings and very close-to-home suicides, we have redoubled our efforts to help improve the mental health, safety, security and well-being of students and staff. Our dedicated team worked with school districts to create robust active shooter trainings so students and staff are prepared. In responding to the suicides that rocked our own community, our training manager partnered with a district to create an event that would inspire the entire community to hope again. This event raised awareness about mental health issues, and gathered numerous local and free resources to help ensure every member of the community has access to help should they need it. And when our school personnel have personal struggles, our employee benefits managers help them access the mental health and physical health care that they so desperately need.

Our risk team worked hard to earn their ARMs (Associates in Risk Management) so that they can better serve our members. We have seen great growth and success in our workers’ compensation program. With this success, we will be bringing additional services and claims oversight in-house and self-funding beginning in the 2018/19 fiscal year. We have continued to increase our engagement with trainings and offer solutions that are especially focused on sexual misconduct trainings, awareness, and prevention in the face of rising sexual abuse and molestation cases throughout the state of California.

We increased our employee benefits plans by adding new options to our CSEBA Marketplace and began the implementation stage of our new online benefits platform that will allow for even greater wellness options for individuals at our districts. I, personally, love some of the new options and have already purchased pet insurance for my sweet chocolate German Shorthaired Pointer, Brody.

This year has really reminded me about the importance of building and maintaining relationships founded on trust and mutual respect. Our entire organization exists today because of the long-lasting relationships that our staff has developed with our members. I am so proud of the amazing work of my entire team. Their passion and dedication to our members inspire me every single day.

I hope their stories will inspire you as well.

— Karla Rhay, Ed.D, Chief Executive Officer